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We Have What It Takes


Amy Carmola, United Way’s Chief Impact Officer, was honored by the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce with their 2023 Community Impact Award. In her acceptance remarks, Amy shared what she has learned and what continues to inspire her after 20 years at United Way of Northwest Vermont.

“A long-time mentor of mine likes to start a question with: ‘What would it take?’ What I’ve learned through United Way and what keeps me engaged in our shared work is that we have what it takes. I don’t, but WE do.

In our community, we have resources. We have experience, creativity, passion, political will, and power. We have relationships, history, and trust. And we have endurance.

Time and time again, if we come to the table with this mindset of ‘What would it take?,’ incredible things happen, despite challenges.”

United Way of Northwest Vermont*** June 9, 2023