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United Way launches 365 Small Business Circle

365 Small Business Circle logo with text: Your business can be part of the solution.

United Way of Northwest Vermont (UWNWVT), an organization dedicated to improving lives in Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle counties, has launched a new giving program to help small businesses make a big impact in the communities where they live, work, and play. Starting at $1 a day, small businesses can improve lives in Northwest Vermont by joining United Way’s 365 Small Business Circle. 

“Small businesses in Vermont are incredibly committed to their local communities. They want to do their part to make our communities stronger, but it isn’t always easy to know how to make a big impact with limited resources. Our 365 Small Business Circle helps small businesses extend their reach by partnering with United Way to improve the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors,” says UWNWVT Corporate Engagement Manager Erin Regan. 

The 365 Small Business Circle has three annual membership levels: 365 Partner at $1 a day, 365 Plus Partner at $3 a day, and 365 Leader at $5 a day. Each level has corresponding benefits and opportunities to promote your business and your partnership with United Way.  

The money raised through the 365 Small Business Circle will support local organizations and efforts addressing five key priorities: Promoting Mental Health, Supporting Families, Meeting Basic Needs (housing, food, and transportation), Reducing Substance Misuse, and Fostering Financial Stability.  

Opportunities Credit Union (OCU), which serves low-income and other traditionally under-served Vermonters, was one of the first small businesses to become a 365 Small Business Circle member. “Partnering with United Way is a way for Opportunities Credit Union to expand our reach in the community. There are multiple challenges in our community and the issues are complex. Working with United Way helps us feel connected to the many organizations that are working together on solutions,” said OCU’s CEO Kate Laud. 

United Way is unique because it exists at the intersection of nonprofits, businesses, government, and community. United Way partners with the community to identify local needs and bring people and organizations together to do the work that no single organization can do alone. Check out UWNWVT’s 2023 Impact Report for local stories and to learn more about the positive impact small businesses can help create. 

See all of our 365 Small Business Circle members, check out member benefits, and learn more.