Relationships, Resources and Resilience

United Way leads the Working Bridges Employer Collaborative. The concept is simple: employers work together to effectively develop and test innovative HR practices using the workplace as a platform for services designed to help workers get, keep and grow stable employment.

By sharing resources, employers are minimizing the barrier to employment and supporting employees' need to be successful and improve their lives.

Watch stories of three resilient Vermont women. Each works for an employer who offers access to services within the workplace through Working Bridges.

Within the Working Bridges Collaborative, there are:

  • Education/Trainings for employers about economic class in the workplace.

  • An Employer Workgroup, where employers tackle issues affecting employee stability, including transportation, income supports and affordable housing. Together, we design, test and share innovative practices and refine policies to improve the lives of employees.

  • Shared Resource Coordinators who provide on-site resource assistance to employees so that they get the help they need without disrupting work.

  • An Employee Loan/Savings program for employees in crisis. The Income Advance Loan program is a partnership between employers and financial institutions to help employees meet emergency needs, and begin saving and building credit.

  • A Volunteer Tax Preparation Program that provides employees with tax assistance and financial coaching at the workplace.

  • On-site classes for employees including GED, English Language Learning (ELL) and financial literacy classes.