RSVP Bone Builders: Building strength with volunteers

We recently caught up with Toni, a participant in Bone Builders classes at Heineberg Senior Center in Burlington for Q&A:


Why did you come to class originally?

At this stage in my life I know bone strength health and strength were important and I know this would help. I wanted to take preventative measures! It’s also a different kind of routine from my normal fitness routine, I really wanted this for my strength and balance.

Why have you continued attending class?

Because I have seen great results on my own bone density scan. I was diagnosed with Osteopenia a few years ago, and then it eventually turned into Osteoporosis. Because of this I usually have a density test done every year. Well, I just had one and I’m back to Osteopenia, which means I’m going in the right direction! I’m thrilled, I no longer have to have a test every year, they suggested every three years. I’ll definitely continue coming to class!

How important do you think this class is to aging successfully?

I think it is very important because the class helps with balance and strength as we age, so if you attend you’re less likely to fall. I strongly believe in being active, and this class is perfect for people that can’t do intense workouts. Everybody can do it, you can go at your own pace and choose what you’re able to do.

What’s your favorite thing about Bone Builders?

Social interaction! Which is vital as we age. I enjoy sharing stories with others and talking about how the class has helped us become stronger and has increased our balance. We often stay after class and just chat with one another.

Read more about the RSVP Bone Builders program here.

Alison DeFisher