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We invest in a foundation of strong, viable programs, mobilize volunteers and implement strategic initiatives to create systems-level change

Out region is challenged by issues that no single organization can solve. United Way unites the nonprofit, public and private sectors to find ways to share goals, resources and expertise. We lead by facilitating collaboration and building connections, and deconstructing complex issues to build a road map for action.

It takes collective community actions sustained over time to achieve the outcomes we want. Increasingly, nonprofits are being asked to do more with less. If your organization’s mission is to deal with issues of education, income and health, let’s work together and use the power of collective impact to build stronger communities.

To partner with United Way, please contact:

Amy Carmola
Director of Community Impact
(802) 861-7850




Sharing makes
a difference



Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage your gift of time, influence or money is to tell others that you support United Way and inspire them to give too. If we all give a little, together we have a lot.