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United Way of Northwest Vermont is proud to work in partnership with thousands of community leaders, volunteers and donors each year. We believe that as we continue to improve our tracking of our impact, we will in turn be able to leverage even more resource – time, skills and money – to improve the lives of Vermonters in our region. 

The key to success is a network of strong relationships between the public and private sectors that engages the whole community in problem solving, uniting together to create lasting social change. Together we have the strength to tackle complex challenges in our community.

Meet real people and hear their stories of change:

Caryl Corbett – Caring Collaborative
Moses Delane – Franklin County Teen Institute
Theogene Mahoro – English At Work
Peggy Curtis – Bone Builders

For every action we take, we must first have a plan and strategy to achieve the outcomes we want. United Way follows the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework for measuring impact. This framework develops a shared culture of evidence and accountability in making progress toward community change strategies among our network of partners, and cultivates trust for our donors, volunteers and supporters in knowing that our work is making a measurable difference.




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