Be visible. Be loud. LIVE UNITED.

In many cases, the best way to respond to an issue we care about is to raise our voice.

Advocacy is an integral part of developing a solution. It’s an act of boldness and bravery that builds the support and awareness necessary to fully understand a problem or challenge and let’s the world know that you care, and you want to be part of the solution. Advocacy is standing up for what you believe in, championing a cause, speaking out or taking a stand. It’s about understanding the complex issues that face our communities, our state and our nation, and coming together to solve them.

Our advocates show us where we are needed most. They help us understand. Advocates orient us toward success and lead us forward. By showing decision makers and influencers that the community cares and seeks positive change, we will inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. Connect with us and advocate on behalf of our community.

Our Board of Directors and Governance Committee established safeguards to ensure that United Way of Northwest Vermont advocacy work is directly aligned with our mission. We do not take on issues advanced by partisan agendas and we do not support or oppose candidates for elected public office, whether it is for local, state or national office.    


2014 Advocacy Policy - DownloadbuttonDownload-0001.png




Sharing makes
a difference



Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage your gift of time, influence or money is to tell others that you support United Way and inspire them to give too. If we all give a little, together we have a lot.